Damit sind alle Stadtführungen abgesagt. history before the Bauhaus era. New Objectivity, Art Deco and the Bauhaus converge in a unique way in this building. It was created between 1922 and 1931 and is considered an important example of architecture from the interwar years. Dezember in Kraft. Siemensstadt is a large housing estate and UNESCO World Heritage Site designed as a joint project by architects including Walter Gropius and Hans Scharoun. The various forms of modernism which flourished in this city can be seen at the art school at Burg Giebichenstein, which was established in 1915 under the direction of Paul Thiersch and attracted renowned Bauhaus members from Weimar to Halle (Saale) in 1925, including Gerhard Marcks. The simple, open building in the style of classic modernism dispenses with monumental gestures and represents the new beginning undertaken after 1945. It is the only factory building designed by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe that was built anywhere in the world and is now a listed historic monument. Von 1920 - 1948 war Weimar die Hauptstadt des Landes Thüringens und wurde 1999 Kulturhauptstadt Europas. The Chilehaus in Hamburg, the Fagus plant in Alfeld, and the Rammelsberg mine in Goslar. +49 711 238580 info@tourismus-bw.de. Jahrhunderts ihren Betrieb in Weimar auf. Es können verschiedene Einstellungen für bauhaus100.de vorgenommen werden. Built between 1913 and 1915, it was designed by Belgian architect Henry van de Velde as a Gesamtkunstwerk, a total work of art. The school building (1925/26) by Walter Gropius is regarded internationally as an icon of modern architecture. Mit der Gestaltungsschule verbinden sich Form- und Farbexperimente, Architektur-Ikonen und Alltagsdesign, rauschende Feste und minimalistische Entwürfe. The Bauhaus-Archiv / Museum für Gestaltung (1979) holds the world’s largest Bauhaus collection. Between 1925 and 1930, 12,000 affordable dwellings were built with modern conveniences that included the innovative Frankfurt kitchen designed by Margarete Schütte-Lihotzky. The three pairs of semi-detached houses and the director’s house are regarded around the world as prototypes of modern architecture and rank among the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. 1996 wurden die Bauhausstätten in Weimar in die Welterbeliste der UNESCO aufgenommen. Today’s UNESCO World Heritage Site was built in 1928–30 under the direction of the second Bauhaus director, Hannes Meyer, with the aid of students from the Dessau Bauhaus. Mit mehr als 10.000 Exponaten umfasste die Sammlung der Klassik Stiftung Weimar schon am alten Standort die älteste und von Gropius autorisierte Bauhaus-Sammlung der Welt.. Gropius wählte bereits 1925 gemeinsam mit dem Direktor der Staatlichen … Save this picture! The Altstädter School (1928) is an outstanding example of classical modernism. Experience three would heritage sites in Germany. The modern metropolis reimagined: experience the Weissenhof housing estate in Stuttgart, the testaments to modernist university architecture in Ulm, and the Dommerstock housing estate in Karlsruhe. The ensemble created by Richard Meier (1987) consists of a neo-classicist villa embraced by a new building. The Wachsmann House (1927) stands out due to its modern, Bauhaus-inspired formal language. Since 2008, the architectural heritage of the expressionist brick ensemble has been kept alive as an art museum. Based on plans by Bruno Taut, inexpensive and thoughtfully designed flats were built in the style of the New Architecture. With the first construction phase of the Dessau-Törten Housing Estate, Walter Gropius put new low-cost production and construction methods to the test. The Bauhaus experienced its heyday in the functional, minimalist building complex. The Kunsthalle, built in 1957 by Theo Pabst, was one of the first museum buildings to be built after the Second World War. IMG Sachsen-Anhalt Am Alten Theater 6 39104 Magdeburg Follow us! The architects responded in their design to issues of climate change and rigorously addressed the use of renewable energies. This UNESCO World Heritage property still impresses with its unusual building shape and richly detailed clinker brick façades. https://www.weimar.de/tourismus/bauhaus/ - Montag, 4. The signature glass-and-steel dome has become one of Berlin’s landmarks. Today, the housing estate is a protected heritage area. The Weissenhof Estate, with two houses by Le Corbusier that are on the UNESCO World Heritage List, is one of the world’s most important architectural monuments of classic modernism. With the Steel House, built in 1927 on the edge of Gropius’s Dessau-Törten Estate, Richard Paulick and Georg Muche tested the applicability of steel for residential construction. Together with his students, he designed the five apartment blocks in 1929/30. Experience the Bauhaus museums and collections in Berlin (Bauhaus-Archiv / Museum für Gestaltung), Dessau (Stiftung Bauhaus Dessau) and Weimar (Klassik Stiftung Weimar). The diesel power plant in Cottbus, designed and built in 1927 by Werner Issel, is an impressive monument to modern industrial architecture. Helge Bofinger initially implemented a postmodern house-in-a-house concept in 1984, and the building was again thoroughly remodelled by the firm Blocher Partners in 2009–11. The imposing buildings of the former iron production plant, which is now used as a cultural site, are considered pioneers of modern industrial architecture. ist ein Institut an der Bauhaus-Universität Weimar. The educational complex designed by Max Bill captivates with its sober, reduced architectural language. Nach seiner Gründung in Weimar sollte das Staatliche Bauhaus das Design und die Architektur weltweit revolutionieren. In Berlin stellen wir Ihnen interessante Bauwerke mit ihren Geschichten vor, zum Beispiel das Erich Hamann-Haus nah des Kurfürstendamm oder das Hansa-Viertel am Tiergarten. He developed a prefabricated system for timber construction that he used in exemplary fashion in Niesky. The UNESCO World Heritage Site was trailblazing for the architecture of its time and paved the way for a new form of social housing. By fotoeins on 24 August 2015 There’s a clear transition in time where architecture and design took a step from behind closed doors for the sole purview of the rich and royal and out into the open for public and general consumption. The Deutsches Architekturmuseum (DAM), or German Architecture Museum, opened in 1984 in a Wilhelminian-style villa converted by the architect Oswald Mathias Ungers. After Osthaus’ premature death in 1921, his art collection The imposing home of the Deutsches Hygiene-Museum in Dresden (1927–1930) features various stylistic elements. Bauhaus & Moderne. A peek at 2019: “The Whole World a Bauhaus” To mark the centenary of the establishment of the Bauhaus in Weimar, Karlsruhe will also focus on the avant-garde in 2019. Bremen’s Böttcherstraße is an eclectic total work of art that combines elements of Brick Gothic, Expressionism and Art Deco. The showpiece of Baden’s cultural metropolis is the Dammerstock housing complex, which was built in 1929 by Walter Gropius, the founder of Bauhaus. As one of the most important new government buildings in the German capital, it epitomises government architecture that conveys openness and transparency. The German Environment Agency in Dessau-Roßlau was built in 2005 as a federal model project, to plans by Sauerbruch Hutton. The symmetrical complex was his last building in Hamburg. By fotoeins on 22 May 2015 Built in 1911 by Dutch architect Henry van de Velde as the School of Arts and Crafts in Weimar, the present-day main building of the Bauhaus University represents the beginning of the Bauhaus movement here in 1919. Especially impressive are the glass windows by Bauhaus Master Josef Albers. Von Gaberndorf bis Weimar-West: Die Stadt Weimar hat insgesamt 13 Ortsteile, die sich zu jeder Jahreszeit von ihrer besten Seite zeigen. ... Tourismus Marketing GmbH Baden-Württemberg Esslinger Straße 8 D-70182 Stuttgart Tel. Georg Haberland, Otto Rudolf Salvisberg and Paul Schmitthenner created the residential development for the employees of the Central German Nitrogen Works. Erich Mendelsohn designed the expressionist building, which is considered an icon of the architectural awakening. It is one of the best-known works of the architect Otto Haesler – who, as a pioneer of the New Architecture during the 1920s, played a decisive role in shaping the cityscape of Celle. The Kreutzenberger Winery in Kindenheim, Rhineland-Palatinate, is a unique example of how the New Architecture influenced the design of wineries. The Museum Angewandte Kunst (Museum of Applied Arts) in Frankfurt am Main is a recognised icon of postmodernism. With standardised floor plans and rational design, he created particularly low-priced dwellings of minimal size – social housing in its most rigorous form. Hellerau was Germany’s first garden city, created from 1909 onwards on the initiative of Werkbund co-founder Karl Schmidt. Die Gastronomie musste bereits am 02.11. schließen, Die Maßnahmen sollen voraussichtlich bis 30.11.2020 andauern. The above-ground structures of the UNESCO World Heritage Site impressively show the development of modern industrial structures during the era of National Socialism. This masterpiece of architectural and engineering skill is Europe’s largest fully glazed structure. Willkommen in der Kulturstadt Weimar: Informationen zur Stadt, Sehenswürdigkeiten, offizielle Tourist-Information, Rathaus und Wirtschaft. Coudraystraße 13A . Experience the beginnings of the Bauhaus in Weimar and admire its outstanding legacy, which spreads from Dessau-Roßlau to the striking residential buildings in Berlin. Anlässlich des 100-jährigen Jubiläums des 1919 in Weimar gegründeten Staatlichen Bauhauses eröffnete 2019 das Bauhaus-Museum Weimar und präsentiert seitdem die Schätze der weltweit ältesten Bauhaus-Sammlung. The Bauhaus Archive opened in 1979: the core of the collection, which grew steadily since then, consisted of the artistic remains gathered by Hans Maria Wingler. The unadorned, box-like brick buildings are among the highlights of the Bauhaus city of Krefeld. With its striking semicircular prow, the building is typical of the architectural style of Fieger, whose works have made an important contribution to modern architecture. It is a fact that the "Glass School", which is still used as a primary school, is one of the most important Bauhaus buildings in the world. 03.06.2012 - Entdecke die Pinnwand „BAUHAUS“ von AS Online Marketing. Henry van de Velde designed the Hohenhof villa (1906–1908) in Hagen for the founder of the Folkwang idea, Karl Ernst Osthaus. In the middle of downtown Altona, the House of Youth bears witness not only to the New Architecture movement, but also to the educational reforms of the Weimar Republic. Ultimately, only the famous Haus Am Horn – now a UNESCO World Heritage Site – would be built, with all workshops, masters and students of the Bauhaus working on the ‘building of the future’. In the Lange and Esters Houses (1930), Ludwig Mies van der Rohe combined the New Architecture with the rather conventional spatial programme of a home for the upper middle class. The Blumläger Feld Housing Estate (1930/31) was the most radical and controversial project by Otto Haesler in Celle. As designed by Wilhelm Kreis, the architecture combines monumental elements of classicism with the style of the Neue Sachlichkeit, or New Objectivity. Wenn Sie auf der Bauhaus-Route unterwegs sein wollen, dann sollten Sie mit uns bis Berlin reisen – so wie einst die Bauhaus-Architekten von Weimar über Dessau nach Berlin zogen. The Lehmbruck Museum in Duisburg (1964/1987) presents the oeuvre of the prominent sculptor Wilhelm Lehmbruck (1881–1919). The Schulenburg Mansion in Gera embodies nascent modernism in Europe. The UNESCO World Heritage Site, with its striking glass façade, is still actively used today for manufacturing. It expands our horizons and it’s just fun. Alle Preise auf dieser Seite inkl. Prominent international representatives of the New Architecture movement created the housing estate in 1927. The German Federal Chancellery in Berlin (1997–2001) by Axel Schultes and Charlotte Frank is part of the “Federal Ribbon” building ensemble. With the buildings selected for the Grand Tour of Modernism, we are effectively creating a network that spans the nation, with many intersections, not only in the big cities and not only in the places where the Bauhaus was immediately located, but also in the periphery and away from the major streets. Bauhaus-Museum Weimar. More than 80 international journalists, influencers and multipliers visited the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar on Wednesday, 24 October 2018. Living in Weimar . The UNESCO World Heritage Site is one of the outstanding examples of the new housing projects of the Weimar Republic. Mit der Weimarer Republik gab … The Leipzig Trade Fair is one of the most modern exhibition and congress centres in the world. Draft drawings, manuscripts, letters. Mary Wigman once danced here. In Germany, the “100 Years of Bauhaus” anniversary is all about the famous Bauhaus school of art and its groundbreaking architecture. The Festival Theatre, built in 1911/12 by Heinrich Tessenow in the garden city Hellerau, was a radical alternative to traditional theatre buildings. Please enable javascript in your browser. The Haus Am Horn was built in 1923 as a model house for the first Bauhaus exhibition in Weimar. The Giebichenstein Bridge in Halle was built between 1926 and 1928 with contributions by Werkbund members Paul Thiersch and Gerhard Marcks. Die Berliner Siedlung Schillerpark von Bruno Taut gilt als erstes großstädtisches Wohnprojekt der Weimarer Republik. Experience the beginnings of the Bauhaus in Weimar and admire its outstanding legacy, ... Thüringer Tourismus GmbH Willy-Brandt-Platz 1 99084 Erfurt Tel. She was one of the most important designers to emerge from the Bauhaus design school's weaving workshop in Dessau, Germany. It is not only Berlin, Dessau, and Weimar, the cities renowned for Bauhaus, that will be celebrating: Karlsruhe, the gateway to the Black Forest, with its many Bauhaus … Founded in 1919 in Weimar by Walter Gropius, “Bauhaus” is regarded as the epitome of modernity and without doubt the most important aspect of … Die Besuchsperson darf nicht wechseln." Walter Tutenberg’s Car Park South, one of Germany’s oldest multi-storey parking structures, is an outstanding example of the New Architecture. Die Zimmer und Apartments sind individuell und geschmackvoll eingerichtet und mit Dusche/WC, Telefon und LCD-TV ausgestattet. The Rosenthal Porcelain Factory in Selb is an important late work by Walter Gropius and bears witness to the influence of the Bauhaus in Bavaria. Stand 04.11.2020 In der gestrigen Sitzung hat der Thüringer Landtag das Sondermaßnahmepaket der Landesregierung gebilligt. The Dessau Employment Office (1929) by Walter Gropius is a pioneering example of functionalist architecture. • JOB: 17 Dec - Bauhaus Weiterbildungsakademie Weimar e.V. The Becker Tower was built between 1925 and 1931 for the Becker brewery of the St. Ingbert in Saarland. The Ernst May House is an example of the New Frankfurt housing construction programme carried out under city planning commissioner Ernst May. / VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2018, photo: Christoph Petras, 2011. Not at all! Margaretha Reichardt (6 March 1907 – 25 May 1984), also known as Grete Reichardt, was a textile artist, weaver, and graphic designer from Erfurt, Germany. The “Weimar Window of Time” offers users an innovative means to access history and highlights the historical significance of locations, squares and buildings in Weimar. Celle owes its global architectural significance to the architect Otto Haesler (1880-1962), who honed social housing during the Weimar Republic using Celle as a base. Hans Herkommer created the industrial building, now a listed monument, in the style of the New Architecture. The Piesteritz Workers’ Housing Estate (1916–19) is a paragon example of the garden city movement and reform architecture. The complex skilfully plays with the stylistic elements of functionalism. Das HOTEL FÜRSTENHOF AM BAUHAUS WEIMAR verfügt über 17 Zimmer und Apartments. It was built according to the designs of Gustav Oelsner as a vocational training centre in 1928–1930. Das Staatliche Bauhaus Weimar markiert eine Epoche der internationalen künstlerischen Vielfalt und ist zugleich unverzichtbarer Teil des kulturellen Erbes der Menschheit. Egon Eiermann integrated the tower ruins of the church, which had been mostly destroyed in the Second World War, into a new complex of four free-standing buildings of reinforced concrete. The centrepiece of his white museum architecture is a cubic structure – the “house-in-house” as a metaphor for architecture. It is the first example of Bauhaus architecture built in Weimar and ranks as a prototype of modern construction and living. The Hermann Beims Estate in Magdeburg (1925–29) is considered an exemplary social housing development. Hesse and Rhineland-Palatinate have a lot to offer when it comes to the Bauhaus and modernism; witniss the legacy of the New Frankfurt reform programme. In den Umbrüchen nach dem Ersten Weltkrieg waren die Menschen offen für Neues. Sie bietet seit 25 Jahren umfangreiche berufsbegleitende Weiterbildungsformate hauptsächlich für Architekten, Ingenieure und verwandte Berufsgruppen an. Extraordinary sites associated with the Bauhaus and modernism can be found throughout Germany—pioneering architecture that has enduringly shaped our understanding of life and work, learning and living. Today, Hellerau is still a centre of contemporary art. Thanks to its hat-like roof structure, the expressionist industrial building became a symbol of Luckenwalde. With his New Crematorium (1930–32), Fritz Schumacher – architect, founding member of the Werkbund and Hamburg’s long-serving building director – created a typical work of Northern German Brick Expressionism. Between 1919 and 1922 the Einstein Tower was built in Potsdam – a solar observatory to prove the theories formulated by Albert Einstein. The Deaconess Motherhouse in Elbingerode, nearly unchanged since it was built, offers a chance to experience many details of the New Architecture. Today it is part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site and home to the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation. Bauhaus Kooperation Berlin Dessau Weimar Einführende Essays von Werner Durth, Wolfgang Pehnt, Gestaltung von Heimann und Schwantes Hatje Cantz Verlag Travel Bauhaus 100 Sites of Modernity Extraordinary sites associated with the Bauhaus and modernism can be found throughout Germany—pioneering architecture that has enduringly shaped our understanding of life and work, … Short texts explain their history. Dies sind u.a. Bauhaus-Universität Weimar . Available in German – This booklet brings together the locations of the Grand Tour of Modernism. Gropius created the innovative industrial building in close collaboration with the client, Philip Rosenthal. Dies gilt auch für Weimar und die Angehörigen von Menschen, die in Pflegeeinrichtungen untergebracht sind, da Weimar bereits seit einigen Tagen den Inzidenzwert von 200 überschritten hat und eine kurzfristige Besserung nicht absehbar ist. The Gesamtkunstwerk of Art Nouveau is today a museum for the “Hagen Impulse” and honours its cultural and historical significance. A particular focus is placed on the 1920s in the Weimar Republic, when cities and municipalities provided a significant stimulus through the commission of a variety of constructions, contributing in this way to the spread of New Objectivity. The Glassworks in Amberg was Walter Gropius’s last work. Mit dem in Weimar geggründeten Bauhaus verbinden sich Form- und Farbexperimente, Architektur-Ikonen und Alltagsdesign, rauschende Feste und minimalistische Entwürfe. Das bisherige Museum befand sich in der 1823 errichteten großherzoglichen Wagenremise am Theaterplatz. In Dessau the unique school and workshop buildings would be built as well as the Masters’ Houses and, ultimately, the Dessau-Törten housing estate and the progressive houses with balcony access by Hannes Meyer, who together with the architecture department of the Bauhaus designed the Federal School in Bernau, near Berlin. It displays the entire range of the New Architecture style and served as a model for housing built after the Second World War. Hatje Cantz Verlag, MRSMeyerDE, https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Holstentorhalle#/media/File:HolstentorhalleFront.jpg, licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0, Museum Angewandte Kunst, Frankfurt am Main, Foto: Anja Jahn, hausdesphoenix/pixabay.com, Zugriff am 5.2.2019 auf https://pixabay.com/photo-3552385/, Tempelhof Projekt GmbH, www.thf-berlin.de, Tillmann Franzen, tillmannfranzen.com © VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2018, Bauhaus-Archiv / Museum für Gestaltung, Foto: Karsten Hintz, Foto: Alexander Burzik, Klassik Stiftung Weimar, Von Christian A. Schröder (ChristianSchd) - Eigenes Werk, CC BY-SA 4.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=38248056, Mies van der Rohe Business Park, Foto: Makis Foteinopulos, Union Investment Real Estate GmbH, Foto: Andreas Vallbracht, Stadtarchiv Dessau-Roßlau, Foto: Sven Hertel, Stiftung Bauhaus Dessau, Foto: Yvonne Tenschert, Museum Haus Esters, Krefeld Gartenseite Foto: Volker Döhne, Bildarchiv Foto Marburg, Foto: Ingo E. Fischer, LoboStudioHamburg / pixabay.com, Zugriff am 24.1.2019 auf https://pixabay.com/photo-637999/, Mangan2002 [CC BY-SA 3.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0)], from Wikimedia Commons, Stiftung Bauhaus Dessau, Foto: Sebastian Gündel, Land Baden-Württemberg vertreten durch Vermögen und Bau Baden-Württemberg, Amt Ulm; Fotograf: Martin J. Duckeck, Ulm, mompl, CC BY-NC-ND 2.0, https://flic.kr/p/K4UARV, ernst-may-gesellschaft, Foto: Reinhard Wegmann, Archiv Böttcherstraße Bremen, Foto: Nawrot, Kunsthalle Darmstadt / Nikolaus Heiss 2016, Berufliche Schule Energietechnik Altona (BEA) - Fotograf: Eric Langerbeins, Tillmann Franzen, tillmannfranzen.com © VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2018 © Stiftung Bauhaus Dessau, Evangelische Luthergemeinde Mainz / Hans Ulrich Hoffmann-Schaefer, Bauhaus Kooperation Berlin Dessau Weimar gGmbH, Grafik: Lauthals GmbH, Von Marbot - Eigene Fotografie des Veröffentlichers (own work by uploader), CC BY-SA 3.0 de, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=4385718, © Stiftung Bauhaus Dessau / addenda architects, Photo: Tillmann Franzen, tillmannfranzen.com © VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2018, Photo: Karsten Hintz / © 2020 VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn, Tillmann Franzen, tillmannfranzen.com © Stiftung Bauhaus Dessau, © Union Investment Real Estate GmbH, photo: Daniel Sumesgutner, Photo: © Tillmann Franzen, tillmannfranzen.com © F.L.C. The layout of the distinctive semicircular building and the adjoining administrative block is rigorously derived from organisational procedures in the office. With the Masters’ Houses (1925/26), Walter Gropius implemented his ideas of the New Architecture for the first time in a group of homes. Built in 1911, the Fagus Factory in Alfeld ranks internationally as one of the masterpieces of modern architecture. +49 361 3742-0 service@thueringen-entdecken.de www.visit-thuringia.com . Bauhaus-Archiv / Museum für Gestaltung, Berlin; Photo: Karsten Hintz / © 2020 VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn The VerSeidAG building in Krefeld (1931), a straightforward and unadorned rectangular block, still epitomises functional, modern industrial architecture. Buildings by Bauhaus teachers such as Walter Gropius, Hannes Meyer, László Moholy-Nagy and Wassily Kandinsky established the Bauhaus style, which greatly influenced the architecture of the 20th century. Stadtgeschichte Von den Anfängen bis zur Gegenwart: Auf den folgenden Seiten lernen Sie Weimar besser kennen. The Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church (1961) is a monument for peace with powerful historic symbolism. Chilehaus was one of the first high-rise buildings in Hamburg and is an icon of German Brick Expressionism. Here, he realised his idea of a social-reformist housing estate that unites living with work, culture and education. Bauhaus Kooperation Berlin Dessau Weimar Einführende Essays von Werner Durth, Wolfgang Pehnt, Gestaltung von Heimann und Schwantes Weimar UNESCO WHS: Bauhaus Old and New. Bauhaus.Journal Online; Bauhaus.Module; Vorlesungsverzeichnis; Pinnwände + Semestertermine + Messeauftritte + Ausschreibungen und Wettbewerbe; Stellenausschreibungen + Veranstaltungskalender + Jährliche Veranstaltungen. Travel broadens the mind, as the saying goes. The Grassi Museum (1925–1929) in Leipzig is a total work of art of the modernist era. Die Regelung tritt mit Ablauf des 27. With construction of the centrally located Shaft XII (1928–1932), Fritz Schupp and Martin Kremmer created one of the most important surviving examples of modern industrial architecture. Welcome to the English pages of the thueringen.de web, where you will find a wealth of information on the Free State of Thuringia: on the region’s cultural riches, eventful history and lovely scenery, as well as on attractive investment opportunities. The Völklinger Hütte was the first industrial monument to be declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1994. The building, whose distinctive sawtooth roof silhouette has made it one of Berlin’s landmarks, is based on a design by Walter Gropius. It is the first example of Bauhaus architecture built in Weimar and ranks as a prototype of modern construction and living. Outstanding examples of Bauhaus and modernism can be found all across Germany, all landmark architecture that has profoundly changed our understanding of life, work, learning, and living. Two new Bauhaus museums, which will open their doors in 2019, will redefine the most comprehensive Bauhaus collections worldwide. Taut’s Home, which first opened its doors to holiday guests in 2012, exemplifies the architecture of Berlin Modernism in an experienceable way. With his transformation of the Reichstag (1999), Norman Foster created a symbol of German unity. The ADGB Trade Union School in Bernau is one of the largest Bauhaus ensembles in the world. The ensemble of civic hall, entry gateway and observation tower is an important example of the New Architecture. By using this website, you agree to the use of cookies. weiterbildende Masterstudiengänge, Zertifikatsstudien, internationale Tagungen und Fachkurse als auch Tagesseminare Bruno Taut’s Horseshoe Housing Estate in Britz is recognised internationally as a key work of modern urban housing construction. The Ulm School of Design (1955–1968) was founded as a successor to the Bauhaus, and its architecture also embodies the Bauhaus philosophy. The Schminke House (1930–1933) is one of the key works by the architect Hans Scharoun. The aim of the Bauhaus Archive was to illustrate the history, practice and … The Eiermann Building in Apolda (1938/39) is an icon of industrial architecture and an outstanding example of sustainable building conversion. Today the villa houses a museum that presents Van de Velde’s work in an unparalleled fashion. Its design is largely based on plans by Bruno Taut. The White City, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is one of Berlin’s most outstanding modernist housing estates. From Altono to Winterhude: its many modernist buildings make Hamburg an extraordinary travel destination. The Kornhaus restaurant was built in 1929/30 by Carl Fieger during his time at the Bauhaus. The home in the Saxon town of Löbau is regarded worldwide as a prime example of the “Neues Bauen”, and of modern architecture in the International Style. D-99421 Weimar . The Konsum Building (1928), designed by Walter Gropius, forms the centre of the well-known experimental Dessau-Törten Estate due to its location and prominent tower block. Originally designed by Paul Wallot, the building had been erected at the end of the 19th century. Greetings from Thuringian Minister-President Bodo Ramelow on the English homepage of thueringen.de. In December 1996, almost 70 years to the day since the dedication of the Gropius Building in Dessau, the Bauhaus sites of Dessau and Weimar were designated official UNESCO World Heritage sites. But, what happened when the National Socialist movement closed it down in 1933? 150 Protestant nuns still live there today. Together with his firm TAC, he designed the spectacular industrial building for factory owner Philip Rosenthal. It is an important testimony to the innovative ideas that shaped the Bauhaus in the 1920s. The Houses with Balcony Access in Dessau-Törten embody the beliefs of Hannes Meyer, the second Bauhaus director, whose credo was simple: “Put the needs of the people before the needs of luxury”. Weimar’s train station is serviced by Intercity Express (ICE) trains and is situated approximately 2 km north of the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar. Ein hoteleigenes WLAN-Netz steht den Gästen kostenfrei zur Verfügung. The German Film Museum (DFF), opened in 1984, is housed in a Wilhelminian-style villa that has undergone repeated radical reconfigurations. The “Glass Cathedral”, a listed historical monument, was completed in 1970, one year after Gropius’s death. Built for the 1927 German Theatre Exhibition, the buildings rank among the main works of the architects Johannes Göderitz, Wilhelm Deffke and Albin Müller.

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