It is amazing. Hei-ran was alone, a sign that she was feeling better. Avatar is also getting a Netflix reboot, so here are 10 fanfics to read before the new show drops. "But I didn't even tell you which show it was!" "Will you watch the season finale with me, please, please, pretty please?" I Knew It! (Presumably, Rocky Eye took the name from the same source as the writers of the show: Tenzin Gyatso is the name of the current Dalai Lama.) Later, she is requested to be part of Avatar Yun's personal ensemble, representative of her nation, an honor too great to refuse. For a while she and her new friends live in peace as Yun trains to be the Avatar, but everything comes crashing down when Kyoshi does the impossible. Every one of them had to master the elements and somehow save the world from ruin. In the fanfic Equestria Girls Watch Friendship Is Magic, the students of Canterlot High watch the events of the main series. "No." Ones where the characters for whatever reason sit and watch the show that they're In. 10 Eight Principles of Yong by psocoptera Written by psocoptera , this story takes a slightly different approach to how Zuko ends the fighting towards the end of Sozin's Comet. MHA watches Avatar the Last Airbender Fanfiction. She protested. Fans already know a ton about Avatar Aang and Avatar Korra’s lives, but there have been 623 other Avatars. Get your free 30 day trial, one free audiobook, and 2 audible originals here! It was either Pokemon, Adventure Time, or she was re-watching Avatar: The Last Airbender. Looking for Fics where characters sit down and watch the show You know what kind of stories I'm looking for. If you haven't seen the show, change that. Both: The next Avatar. In The Simpsons fanfiction Must Love Ned Flanders , Naomi is transported into the Simpsons universe and believes that Ned has self-esteem issues, so she tries showing him the episodes of the show. She looked excited. Her facial expression proudly reflected her rank. The 1A crew takes a break from watching the multiverse to watch one of the greatest western cartoons, and greatest shows in general, because one chapter isn't enough. (Bnha x Avatar f!reader insert) Y/n Ikeyuri's search for the next Avatar leads her to UA, the best hero school in Japan and alma matter of the last Avatar, the now dead hero AvaPaang. The woman inspected her daughter. Half credit for a female Avatar; plus, learning Airbending from Aang's kid was a given. I am an avid reader of Fanfictions and have read many stories of different fandoms. : This is the impressive one: One of Aang's children is an Airbender named Tenzin. She sat on a small bench under a cherry blossom tree, watching over the empty grounds that were filled with soldiers just a few hours earlier. Thanks to for Audible for sponsoring today's video. Avatar is one of my favourite fandoms because of the possibilities it offers to the writers. Her hair was well put together, her uniform, clean and well fit. TLDR: The Umbrella Academy is forced to watch the TV show in an attempt to show them where they went wrong and how NOT the mess everything up the second time around. Riker didn't know what show she could have been talking about. If they so choose of course.